Assignment: Simply, for my daughter, who I want, above all else, to be big and strong.

To you, my Willow, 
Some words you should hear 
While I’m still with you, while I’m still near 
To your side, in this world, 
So violent and strange, 
And the only thing constant 
Is everlasting change. 
You needn’t be afraid, 
You needn’t fear 
Cause you can be strong, 
That voice in your ear 
Will tell you to fight, 
To hold onto life, 
To never be the victim, 
To not be the wife 
That kowtows to her man, 
And does what he says. 
He will bow to you 
If he even has 
Any smarts at all, 
Or is worth your affection. 
He will whisper your name 
With deserved attention 
To your strength, 
To your voice, 
To your everything, 
To your choice 
Of himself 
To you 
And all that you are, 
And all that you do. 
Now you may not remember, 
But I planted a seed 
(Or tried to at least) 
That you’ll never need 
A hero to save you. 
In a game we once played 
Where you wanted a hero 
To save the day 
From a wicked no-gooder, 
Usually a shoe, 
Or some random object 
In your field of view. 
You would call it the bad guy 
And insist that it do 
Villainous things, 
And be vile to you. 
Snatch all your toys away, 
Yank on your hair, 
Bully and beat you 
And fill you with fear. 
But I would refuse, 
I would say no, 
You needn’t a hero, 
You needed to know 
That you could be strong, 
That you could be brave, 
That you could be super 
And wear your own cape. 
God help the bastards 
That get in your way. 
You would destroy them, 
And save your own day. 
You never liked it 
When I didn’t play your game. 
You would roll your blue eyes 
And call out my name 
In exasperated tones, 
“Daddy, c’mon! 
You’re not playing right! 
You’re not being fun!” 
And maybe I should have 
Played once or twice, 
But it is important 
That you have that voice 
In your ear 
On the days 
Cloudy and gray, 
When that other voice, Doubt, 
Wants it’s own way 
With your soul 
And your heart 
To pick you to pieces, 
To tear you apart 
At the seams. 
You will say, “No! 
I refuse to be put down! 
I refuse to show 
One ounce of fear 
In these steel blue eyes. 
Now fuck off with your evil! 
Fuck off with your lies! 
My daddy didn’t raise me 
To be anybody’s fool!” 
You will hold your own ground 
And be so goddamn cool 
In the face of resistance, 
To people who’ll 
Want you brought down 
And want you to hate. 
You will stand strong, 
And proud, 
And wear your own cape. 
You will be your own hero 
To enormous applause. 
You will thwip your own web, 
You snikt your own claws. 
And I will rest, 
For a night or forever, 
Knowing that you 
Have all the power 
To not need me 
Or anyone else 
To fight your own battles, 
To save your own self. 
And, sure, it may hurt 
When you’re ready to say, 
“Daddy, I don’t need you.” 
And you move away 
On your own. 
It will cut like a knife. 
But I will rest peaceful 
Knowing your life 
Is in capable hands, 
That were once oh so small, 
And fragile, 
And soft, 
And would grasp at and ball 
Around my finger, so tight, 
And so strong, 
Even from the beginning, 
The start of it all. 
You’ll be a superhero, 
And you’ll never 
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