Sudden Bursts of Emotion in the Bathroom Stall of Rest Stop 72

Passions and fervors strike

In the most unlikely of places,

And so it is,


That I am struck by the thought of you,

In the avocado green of a bathroom stall,

Chipped and stained by time and grime,

Surrounded by the passions and fervors

Of those before me professing

Love and lust,

Anger and hate,

And whom to call for the best blow jobs.

I will add to their voices

In much the same way they felt,

I imagine;

With the sudden burning to immortalize

If Sharpie or pen knife,

To scribble or scrawl,

Scratch and dent,

Tattoo my heart into stainless steel

On walls where all words

Are art, and honest, and true.

I will make it known to every weary businessman,

To frenzied fathers on fervid vacations,

And nameless gay men searching for anonymous sex,

Placed strategically between

Cartoon cocks and intoxicated ramblings

That stumble upon the meaning of life,

“I adore you, and think of you

In the most unlikely of places.”


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