About Matthew Kirby

I am an aspiring writer (but aren’t we all?), a special education teacher, and a father.  I’m located in Rockford, Illinois, which isn’t as bad as it sounds.  I’ve lived with end stage renal disease my entire life, have had three kidney transplants, and am currently on dialysis.  Does this affect who I am?  Yes and no.  If anything, it’s taught me the value of gallows humor, which I attempt to infuse into my writing.

I write for myself and for others.  Specifically, when stories or rhymes float into my brain-space, I write them down on sheets of paper and bar napkins. I enjoy assignments; given a topic or theme, I expand, create, and flesh out something, anything, that feels right and fun and weird.

I’ve been encouraged to start this blog to share my work.  “Find my audience” is how it was put.  I’m unpublished, and that’s okay.  This is a start.  It’s scary, putting yourself out there to be ridiculed, praised, trolled, meh’d, and dismissed.  Comments and critiques are welcome, but come on people, be nice.

I imagine this will be the first draft of an ever evolving dialogue.  I look forward to picking my knuckles up off the ground and walking upright.cropped-profilepicture.jpg


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